Working mums

Over the last few months I’ve come across many comments relating to my wife returning to work when our young boy was just 3 months old. The comments usually imply that there is an element of disconnect from her child or a sense of abandonment. I also feel that the comments suggest that there is a choice in the matter. I can assure you that she is the most loving mother around and our son gets all the attention in the world.

I think it’s admirable to be honest. In our situation, she is returning to a few half days during the week allowing our son time with his grandparents and helping my partner engage with her patients again. Working in the health profession (and many other professions for that matter) requires you to maintain your competence, continue treatment that you’ve commenced but also uphold a sense of responsibility to your job. For a young mother to balance all of this and still be positive deserves the utmost praise.

I just don’t think anyone should criticise a working mother. You should think about why they’re doing it and let them know they’re doing a great job.


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