Be Inspired

I must admit it is hard to find a good idea in a world that is constantly thinking up ideas! You’ll think it and before you know it, someone is setting up a store somewhere or publishing a book with the same concept in mind. Don’t let it deter you from what’s possible. You’ll realise soon enough that their ideas were not quite your ideas or they haven’t executed it the way you had envisioned. Be brave and back yourself because if you don’t think that it’s possible then you’ll never take that risk and without doing that you won’t get anywhere.

Look to these people creating content and publishing their thoughts as people who are indeed inspiring. Don’t be jealous or upset that they “stole your idea” but instead think about the brave steps they took to get to where they are. You may learn a thing or too and eventually find yourself doing the same thing or even better.

“There’s no point in re-writing history if you know what has come before you. Learn. Become competent. Execute. Make mistakes. Try again. Learn again…”


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