Being too many things and none at all…

I had to write one more post but as I mentioned earlier, I will have to put this project on hold.


One thing that struck me as I went thro

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To be continued…

I’m going to put this page on hold for a short while to accommodate for a few important things going on at the moment. I hope to pick up where I left

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Don’t give up

It’s interesting to hear the phrase “don’t give up”. What makes us fall before the finish line? What gets in the way of us achieving our potential? Ar

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Are there times when you doubt what you’re capable of? I must say it happens a lot to me. Especially when you’ve worked hard for something and just di

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LeBron James! This man is a true inspiration.

LeBron James! He could have easily won more titles if he moved to a team that was already filled with a

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Saying “No”

I can tell you that if you go through life saying yes to everything, your priorities and goals may become compromised. You risk not growing as a perso

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Sometimes the biggest tragedies in life is seeing those who work so hard and put in the work yet find it challenging when it gets to the execution pha

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Being mindful

Mindfulness is a powerful tool. Try and put all your distractions aside and think about the present. Your rewards may only come months from now but fo

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“The struggle is real man!”

“First world problems”


Let’s talk about stress. It really is a modern day epidemic along with obesity. With more and more being expected

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Getting started

If you’ve been thinking about starting something like a website project you might as well just get it started. That’s what I’m doing now. If you have

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Welcome! Thanks for dropping by.


This website is a dream project of mine. It is designed for you! I am hoping that over time, it will be full of stories that you can come and read. What’s different about this website is that these stories are about the achievements and struggles of the everyday person. I hope you can find some inspiration when you read them.


I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Take care,

Harishan (est. June 2016)